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Molecule Rx™

Clinical Skincare for Advanced Cellular Therapy


Molecule Rx™ is an advanced Dermaceutical skincare collection offering corrective solutions for both women and men. Molecule Rx™ is the most comprehensive medical grade collection offered only through professional skincare specialists. Our products are clinically tested for efficacy to achieve the results you demand from Clinical Skincare. Through expert skin analysis, treatments and an easy to follow home care programs most clients experience dramatic enhancement in texture and vibrancy. While in-clinic aesthetic and cosmetic procedures offer immediate visual refinements - clients and patients are also able to maximize the performance these of corrective treatments by adopting an effective daily care program for use at home. Molecule Rx™ maximizes the results skin care professionals have sought to achieve in their professional practices. The ingredients and their sources; the clinical data that supports their effectiveness and the technology and high percentage of active ingredients found within Molecule Rx™ make our products some of the most active on the market today. Our ingredient selection focuses on clinically tested active ingredients with sound science to back them. Our botanicals, vitamins, minerals, cosmeceuticals, and acids are known to produce an array of skin enhancing benefits. Recent innovation and research in the field of cosmetic science make possible a variety of ingredients that are far more effective than ever before.

*None of our products contain animal based ingredients and we employ a cruelty free, eco responsible manufacturing policy*

The Molecule RxTM collection of advanced cellular skincare products embodies the highest standards of purity. Our products target skin on a molecular level speeding up the cell renewal process. Our formulations are clinically tested to ensure results such as: significant wrinkle depth reduction; improvement in elasticity; enhanced collagen production; superior pigment and sebum balancing properties and smoothing and desensitizing of irritated skin.

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